1.1    The Government of Tripura has introduced “Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa” (BEUP) in the financial year 2001–2002 with a view to undertake works for meeting the felt needs of various Assembly Constituencies under which every member of Legislative Assembly of the State have a choice to suggest works to the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate to the tune of Rs.5.00 lakh in a year. This amount of Rs.5.00 lakh has been increased to Rs.7.50 lakh in 2004-05, Rs.10.00 lakh from 2005-06, Rs.15.00 lakh from 2011-12, Rs.25.00 lakh from 2013-14, Rs.30.00 lakh from 2015-16 and Rs.35.00 lakh from 2017-18 onwards.

1.2    The MLAs are entitled to recommend schemes/projects to the tune of Rs.35.00 lakh for the financial year for their Constituency area during the tenure of their membership of the Legislative Assembly.

1.3    The MLA will recommend schemes for his/her entitlement of fund under this scheme as early as possible, preferably in the month of April & May. The MLA will recommend schemes for the last time of his/her tenure as MLA before notification of the next Assembly Election or before the date of his/her resignation or termination of membership from the assembly.

1.4    The Planning (P&C) Department is the Nodal Department for this scheme for release of fund to the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrates (Nodal Officer) and formulating Guidelines and monitoring the Scheme at the State Level.


2.1    Each MLA will give a choice of works about Rs.35.00 lakh per year to the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate who will get them implemented by following the established procedure laid down by the State Government in the Guidelines BEUP. While preparing the outline of the scheme/work the MLAs will keep in view the developmental needs of his/her constituency with a view to ensuring consistency with the overall District, Nagar Panchayat and Block Plan and also to avoid duplication. SDM will send a copy of such scheme/work to the Secretary of the concerned District Planning Committee or in absence of the District Planning Committee to the District Magistrate & Collector and to the BDO of the concerned District/Block for consultation and the funds would then be sanctioned. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate will send these sanctioned schemes/works to the respective executing agencies, which are to be selected from amongst the Govt. Departments/Local Bodies/Public Sector Undertakings and Institutions which are considered by the Sub-Divisional Head as capable of implementation satisfactorily. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate will sub-allot and place the fund to the executing agencies for execution of the schemes. The SDMs will monitor and collect expenditure reports and Utilization Certificates from the executing agencies for the funds sanctioned by them and send consolidated reports to the Nodal Department.

2.2    The works under this scheme shall be developmental in nature and based on locally felt needs. The emphasis is on creation of durable assets. Funds provided under the scheme should not be used for incurring revenue expenditure. The funds can also be used for purposes such as provision of public service support facilities. However, they will not include any recurring expenditure like staff salaries etc., to maintain such facilities.


3.1    Release of fund under BEUP from the Nodal Department (Planning (P&C) Department) will be made in two installments in a year @ Rs.21.00 lakh as the first installment and @ Rs.14.00 lakh as the 2nd installment.

  1. Release of the first installment in a year shall be 60% of the annual entitlement and would be released during first quarter of the financial year. This is subject to the condition that second installment of the previous year was released for the Assembly Constituency concerned.
  2. Second installment of the fund shall be 40% of the annual entitlement and would be released to the concerned Nodal Officer (SDM) of the Assembly Constituency on utilization of 50% of the first installment released.
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